Four-Point Inspections

Verify Insurability and Bind Insurance for Your Home.

A four-point inspection may be an important part of purchasing a new homeowner's insurance policy or renewing an existing policy. It helps the insurance company determine whether to insure the home in its current state or what improvements would be needed to obtain insurance. The focus of a four point inspection is to determine the approximate age and general condition of major system components.

An insurance inspection should not be confused with a "standard home inspection," which is more comprehensive in regards to both detail and scope. A four-point inspection consists of a visual survey of the following four systems:

Roof – Assessing the general condition of the roof, attic (visible signs of leaks?), roof covering (approximate year installed?), insulation, skylights, and ridge vents

Plumbing – Evaluating plumbing supply lines and types and checking for any visible leaks under sinks or around drains

HVAC (Heat, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) – Verifying interior and exterior air conditioning units' year, make, model, and condition (visible corrosion, leaks, or drain pan issues?)

Electrical – Checking electrical panel, grounds, breakers, type of wiring, and condition of mast – identifying year installed and verifying condition and presence of GFCI's.

Depending on state requirements, insurance companies will usually require that the inspection be performed by a licensed inspector. Consult your insurance provider concerning any specific requirements.

Four-Point Inspections

Once a home reaches a certain age (25-30 years), many insurance carriers would like to the condition and any updates completed to the four main sources of insurance claims: the Roof, Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC systems. HomeTeam’s Four-Point Inspection also known as the 'Insurance Quote' inspection, sets the standard. No company has the reputation with insurance companies that HomeTeam has built over more than 15 years. We know the scope of what they are looking for and we know how to present it to Agents and their Underwriters. Our “in house” Quality Control Agent will talk with your Insurance Agent through the insuring process.

We are the company that has an approved DBPR Continuing Education Provider/Instructor on our staff. Four Point Inspection Sample report

Call us at (954) 543-0445 to obtain an inspection that you know the underwriters will trust.

Pre-Sale Four-Point Inspections

HomeTeam is offering this exciting product to assist Sellers and Listing Agents. Many closings are being impacted (delayed) by the late realization that there is a problem, however small, that is preventing the buyer from securing insurance. Call us to schedule this inspection beforeyou list your home, and with a comprehensive Four-Point, prospective buyers will be practically assured that an insurance issue will not disrupt closing. When they purchase the home this inspection will be reissued for a $50 fee in the name of the Buyer, provided the Buyer purchases the home within 6 months of the inspection. Give your home listing a powerful edge over others by taking these insurance issues off the table.

We are the company that has an approved DBPR Continuing Education Provider/Instructor on our staff.

Call us at (954) 543-0445 to obtain an inspection that you know the underwriters will trust.

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Chelsea Clapp

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"The inspectors were on time (if not early), knowledgeable, and friendly. They also relayed information in a way that allowed me to understand what was going on. I felt they were incredibly thorough. They certainly made me feel confident based on the inspection of the property I purchased."


five Stars

"Everyone was completely thorough. It was great that HomeTeam was able to coordinate all inspections to be completed at the same time (insect, insurance, etc.). I just had to make one phone call and everything was done."


five Stars

"I like the team concept because everyone had their own area of expertise. They were friendly, competent and certainly on time!"

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"They explained things in an easy-to-understand fashion. The inspection results were delivered very quickly."

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"The team members we worked with were helpful, friendly and knowledgeable."

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